Long Term Learning Solutions

Long Term Learning Solutions

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Long term learning solutions are focused programs on the same target audience over a period of anywhere between 60 days and 18 months, sometimes even longer. They are aimed to take accountability of driving the expected results in each of the target audiences using an array of techniques. In these cases, the Partner client hands over the shortlisted participants to ALLAVANCE with the expectation of a pre-defined end result.

ALLAVANCE experts use their abilities to realize the journey that exists between the ‘current state’ and the ‘desired future state’ as well as individual/team readiness in terms of capabilities and abilities. Make Individual the Focal Point in the Program and help him/her navigate through the transition phase thus making his/her journey smooth. Clearly articulate what an individual leader and the team as a collective unit have to continue doing, stop doing and begin doing to accomplish the desired future state.

At ALLAVANCE we apply the following process to ensure the success of the Long term programs

  • Understand the need from the HR or functional teams
  • The ALLAVANCE consultants then converts that need into an approach
  • Clearly define the beginning (current) state for each individual as a part of the program
  • Clearly define the desired (end) state for each individual as a part of the program
  • Create Individual Development Plans (IDPs) for each participant
  • Apply a mix of individual and collective Learning Methods to achieve focused results
  • Track the progress over a period of time to ensure effectiveness and showcase the measured change to the stakeholders

Some of our Long Term Learning Solutions

  • Enhancing Personal Productivity
  • The Sales Factor
  • Customer Service Program
  • Operations Management Program
  • Hi Potential Development
  • Executive Coaching Program