The Success of any organisation is always dependent on the engagement of their employees with their mission, vision and values as well as complete alignment with their organisational goal. Any gap in this reality brings the need to re-align or develop. Hence, Learning becomes an eminent business driver as a part of the human resource strategy of any organisation.

ALLAVANCE Learning Solutions are aimed towards supporting the various stages of the ‘Journey of Talent Development’ using our ‘Transformational Philosophy’ ensuring that we never loose sight of ‘The ALLAVANCE Key to Success – ROI’

Journey of Talent Development

This graphic represents the journey of our corporate life. Each of us are on some or the other stage of this leadership pipeline. Obviously, all of us are always in the mode of climbing this ladder to reach our aspirations. We are never the same person at the start and the end of this ladder. The journey is always supported by up-skilling at each level. At the bottom levels, when we are managing ourselves the others, then other managers, some short term programs to match your stage or life might suffice,

however, once we are made accountable of responsibilities like functions, groups or enterprises we need dedicated long term and customised transformation programs.

ALLAVANCE Transformation Philosophy

This graphic showcases the circle of positive transformation for any individual. If we were able to get a 3d version of this model, we will notice that it is a spiral staircase which starts from assessment of self and ends at leadership of outcomes, only to lead to another cycle of assessment. Each of us needs to adopt this habit to achieve incremental results in our life. The typical outcome of assessment is apparent gaps that need dedication and learning to fill. Filling it once won’t lead to consistent results.

Continuous application leads better results constant results which needs to be supported by some reflection mechanism. The end result is unparalleled expertise the missing skill, which is the birth of new leadership.

ALLAVANCE Key to Success-ROI'

Adapted from the Kirkpatrick model of training evaluation, the first stage is to develop the skill through new knowledge which should lead to an enhanced base. However, we know through our own personal experiences, just plain knowledge is not enough, we need to support it with application. Consistent application of knowledge over time will lead to new habits and will get exhibited as new behaviours. This is when we can take advantage of such strengths and bring back returns for ourselves or our organisations.

ALLAVANCE understands that it is not enough to just leave individuals after sharing the knowledge. We aim to ensure that the real confirmation comes from results, where in we are unique.

We have divided our Leaning solutions into four different verticals

  • Short Term Learning Solutions
    • Bite-size Learning
    • Open Programs
    • Competency Based Programs
  • Long Term Learning Solutions